Tech Support & Programming Services

We haver over 15 years of experience programming and repairing equipment. Listed below are a few of the services we offer, and we're always available for consulting on other work.






Services Offered

LED Screen Maintenance & Repair

We've repaired dozens of LED screens from permanent billboards, LED volumes for film sets, mobile LEDs for outdoor movies, advertising walls, and indoor displays. No matter what the issue is, we can get your wall back up and running again.

LED Repair (2024)

LED Signage Prototype (2023)

LED Wall Build for Production (2023)

LED Repair (2023)

Custom LED Wall Build for Photo Studio (2023)

LED Repair (2022)

LED Repair (2021)

LED Repair (2021)

Custom scripts for post production batch processing

When we worked on out first movie, we learn just how much 'fun' managing thousands of unorganized audio and video files can be. That's when we first started writing PowerShell scripts to do bulk file processing. Use the link below to find a few open sources scripts that we've created, or contact us for a quote on a custom script.

A few file management scripts can be found here:

Programming PLCs / Designing & building small circuits

From props to controllers, we can design, build, and program custom components for various projects.

Audio Video Equipment Architecture and Build

From theaters to trailers, large to portable, we can design and build whatever setup required for your production needs.

rack redesign for turner construction

rack redesign for FunFlicks LED 

rack design for Vanline

rack redesign for FunFlicks inflatables

recent live event build

rack redesign for Curtain Players Theater


Need help setting up something else like your studio's network, AV for your conference rooms, or creating something custom? We'll help with whatever your audio video needs our, or at least get you in contact with one of our partners.