Audio Video Services for Live Events

From streaming online for a dozen people to presenting live in front of thousands in a stadium, Malenky Productions has experience providing audio video services for a large variety of events. 

Switchers & A/V Racks


Pro Mics



Presentation Control

Services Offered


We can provide high end microphones, LED screens, lighting, and speakers for your stage. We also offer A/V production services to film your event, control up to 4 independent screens at time, switch the screens seamlessly between multiple cameras, slide shows and videos. We can even stream it all online or edit it and post it online within 48 hours.

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award ceremony


In addition to the services we offer for basic presentations, we can also add student's names to the live camera feed as they walk across stage. We can mic your schools band and provide a drone feed when the students toss their caps. For graduations on your football field, we can provide a large LED screen behind your stage, and 4 additional FunFlicks LED screens closer to the bleachers to ensure everyone has a view of their graduate receiving their diploma.

Outdoor Movies

FunFlicks Ohio can provide outdoor movie screens and we can enhance your experience with our custom A/V control racks, creating better sound and a movie theater like experience. We can display sponsorship ads and have the ability to edit on screen graphics and messages in real time.

Film Festivals

Are you showing dozens of movies over several days, leave the tech to us. We will control the screens switching between info, ads, and films. If you have interviews with cast and crew after the movie we can film, mic, and stream the interviews while cutting to scenes in the movie as they talk about it. Need help getting attendance up? Working with our partners at Vision Mill we can create an ad campaign to get those seats filled.

Project in a Box (coming soon)
OTR Film Festival (2023)
OTR Film Festival (2022)
OTR Film Festival (2021)
Out Reels (2021)
OTR Film Festival (2020)

Band Performances

If your band is out performing, why not stream it online for those who can't make it in person. We can provide LED screens behind the band for visual effects, or screens out in the crowed for those far away from the screen.

Live Streaming of Band (2021)