Audio Video Services for Productions

Premium lenses, large variety of lighting, booms/ lavs / stereo/ ambisonic mics, trailers, and drones... we have everything needed to film your next project.

Camera Op. 

AC & Audio Services

Gaffing & Grip

LED Volumes

Video Village & DIT


Services Offered

Ads & Commercials

We've created advertisements for platforms ranging from social media to broadcast TV. Partnering with Vision Mill we can create a unique ad campaign for your business or event. Recently we filmed 12 TV commercials in a single day by using our LED volume to make it look like a car was driving around, but in reality it was stationary in a studio allowing us to film under controlled lighting without any road and wind noise. With unique equipment and setups, we're able to reduce production time and increase deliverables.

Customer Testimonial (2024)
Customer Testimonial (2024)
Social Ads (2024)
TV Commercials (2024)


Are you interviewing someone for documentary or news story? We can provide a range of lights, boom mics, multiple cameras, premium lenses, and bring everything to you. Looking for a place to film, we'll scout interesting and unique locations for you if you don't want a basic studio look.

Interviews (2022)
Documentary - Funding Trailer (2021)
Interviews (2021)

Training Videos

With drones, gimbals, and high quality mics, we can record training videos quickly and add voice over descriptions and graphic illustrations after.

LED Screen Maintenance Training (2024)
Live Event Trouble Shooting Training (2024)
Training Video (2024)
Training Video (2023)

Movies / Shows

We can provide almost all of the equipment needed for low budget films, and can help support larger budget projects as well. Each project is unique and we can bring in the crew that will work best with your specific style and process.

St. Gabriel Series - Pilot (2022)
St. Gabriel Series - Volume II (2022)
Dark Iris Feature Film (2017)

Funding Trailers

We've filmed several trailers for local directors to help them get their story out to show potential investors. 

CO-60 (under development)
Wire-Dolphin (under development)
Gold Water (2024)
Basement Buddy (2023)
A Wicked Breed (2020)
St. Gabriel (2019)
Kingdom of Darkness  (2019)
St. Gabriel - Concept Trailer (2019)

Competition Entries

We've worked on a few short competition entries for local directors

Any Where but Here (2023)
Wicked Beginnings (2019)
Code 207 (2016)


Anyone can start a podcast with a simple webcam, but it takes a bit more to make it look professions. We can provide high quality mics for up to 5 people and boom mics for larger groups. We can light your set, help with noise cancelling, and provide A/V services to work with remote callers in a more professional way than Zoom. Need a set, we've build everything from theater sets to unique film sets.

Home Services (coming soon)
A/V for Live Events (in development)

Training Courses

For those trying to create online trainings, we can do all the recording and editing for you, or simply advise and help you get off the ground and running on your own.

Home Services (coming soon)
Marketing (in development)
LEDs (in development)
Weight Loss Class (2024)

Other Work

From cooperate events to recording B-roll, we can support just about any audio video project not listed above.

Corporate Live Events (2024)
Commercials Demo (2024)
Internal Corporate Videos (2023)
B-roll (2022)
Site Survey (2022)
Voice Over Recording (2022)
Stock Footage (2021)