Standard Rates


General Labor**

Specialized Labor***

Weather Assurance Plan

For an additional 10% of the quoted price (minimum fee of $250), the weather assurance plan allows the following:

* Late events and multi-day events may also be charged for room and board.** General rates usually apply to work such as tech repairs, editing, design, gaffing, grip, and PA work*** Specialized rate may apply to camera operator and audio engineer workRates are subject to change on a case by case basis

Drone Rates

Pro Drone

Cinema Drone

Mini Drone

  • We can not guarantee quality shoots if wind speeds exceed 10mph.
  • We will not fly if wind gust exceed  20mph.
  • We can not legally fly in fog or rain.
  • We can not fly in areas where we are unable to obtain authorization, or if a NOTAM is in effect.
  • Malenky Productions always flies with at least $1 million in liability insurance.
  • It can take between 10 minutes and 2 hours to get approval to fly in controlled air space.
  • It can take days to weeks to get approval to fly over people, only our Mini drone is authorized to fly over people.

Production Rates

Film Production

Production Equipment*

Full Set Package*

Live Event Streaming

Live Event Streaming Packages*

(up to 8hr = 3hr set up + 1hr guest arrival + 2hr event + 2hr tear down)

Additional Event Charges & Options*

Post-Production Services

Audio / Video Editing*

(client is responsible for purchasing additional stock footage and music as needed)

Studio Recording*

Data Storage & Transfer *

(client is responsible for purchasing flash drives or hard drives for data transfer if file sizes are over 25gb in size)

*All rates are estimates and are subject to change on a case by case basis